How’d It Happen Podcast explores the stories, beliefs, actions, and experiences of guests, each of whom has achieved a high level of success in their lives, which the host, Mike Malatesta, likes to define as the value a person creates for others in the world.

Mike Malatesta’s never ending curiosity on why things happen, lead him to be a wildly successful entrepreneur, and yet a very private person most of his life. Starting the How’d It Happen Podcast invited Mike into new experiences, conversations, and ideas for him and his podcast listeners.

Hammerstone Marketing helped Mike breakthrough to his unlimited potential by activating the podcast with logo design, podcast hosting, website design, and subscriber platform setup that includes iTunes / Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Stitcher, and Spotify.

Ongoing podcast production includes editing raw audio finals, performing episode intro voice over, selecting teaser tracks, writing creative episode titles for engagement, designing images for blog collaboration, and publishing episodes live.

How’d It Happen Podcast is the ultimate guide to break through to your ultimate potential. Listen below – which is your favorite episode?

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